Bloody Awesome

I think i may have been going  slightly overboard with my love of The Bloody Beetroots at the moment but believe me they justify my love (no Madonna pun intended).


The Italian duo finally got round to releasing their debut album “Romborama” on the 21st August. It features a good mix of new tracks, live favourites and some songs from their earlier EPs. The first single was Cornelius, followed by Warp 1.9 (which i posted in an earlier blog) and now they’re releasing “Awesome” which features vocals from The Cool Kids. It’s definitely one of the most commercially viable songs on the album and could see them finally break onto “popular” daytime radio. The Bloody Beetroots have, however, scratched the surface of the mainstream before, after all, they did of course gain notoriety for their brilliant remix of Timbaland “Miscommunication” and have since done a selection of remixes for a diverse list of artsits including the likes and dislikes of Robyn, The Kills, All American Rejects, Wu Tang Clan, The Killers, Benny Benassi and Alpabeat and many many more. But “Awesome” could hopefully see them take that next step and break out of the underground.

Here’s the new promo video for “Awesome”

There’s a lot of people who prefer bands/DJ’s that they like to stay underground/unknown (for whatever reason) and as soon as they get radio airplay these “fans”  will accuse them of “selling out” but i’m not one of those types. If the Beetroots make it big it’s because they deserve to and because their music and production skills are THAT good. Best of luck to them.

MP3: Bloody Beetroots – Awesome (feat. The Cool Kids)

MP3: Timbaland – Miscommunication (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

MP3: Bloody Beetroots – I Love the Bloody Beetroots


S.I.T Wolf X


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One response to “Bloody Awesome

  1. Lisa

    Hey bro:)

    Well here goes, since you are so good at compiling lists & seem to be slightly obsessed with them Ive made one for you! On the subject we were discussing on Tuesday (or should I say what you were slagging me off for) here are my Top Ten Tracks To Make You Weep, or just shed a tear maybe, but in my case cry like a baby! Here goes…

    1 Song To The Siren – This Mortal Coil
    2 I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – The Beach Boys
    3 Boy Child – Scott Walker
    4 You Have Been Loved – George Michael
    5 Corpus Christi – Jeff Buckley
    6 You Take My Breath Away – Queen
    7 Hurt – Johnny Cash
    8 God Bless The Child – Billie Holiday
    9 In The Backseat – Arcade Fire
    10 Lately – Stevie Wonder

    There! Now, if there’s any you aren’t familiar with, & I know you probalby won’t want to download them as you’ll be to ashamed to have Mr Michael on your laptop, they will all be on youtube. So, check them out, with an open mind & let me know if you needed any hankercheifs for the tears! (although I bet your steely resolve will win through & your eyes will be drier than the Sahara!)

    See you Sunday for a slap up meal!

    Luv Ya xxxxxxx

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