T in the Park Review (Part 1) – The Happenings…….


T in the Park, T in the P, Pee in the Dark, Sea in the Shark, Me in the Ark, i could go on………

Part 1 of the TitP review is pretty much going to be a list of things that made my weekend. There’s no point in me writing paragraphs of how each day went, which bands i seen etc. I’ll save the musical review of TitP for Parts 2 and 3 of the review.

so without further ado and in no specific order, here is my weekend in a nutshell…

warm cans of Tennents.
cold hot dogs.
flaming gallah!
innuendo jokes about loving The Big Pink (more on them later).
Vicki tearing her ligaments, sad times.
Aiobfans pyjama party in the Purple campsite.
amazing 4am banter.
asking directions in French (excusez-moi monsieur aimable, d’où soyez les toilettes propres ?).
leaky tents.
cosy sleeping bags.
broken sunglasses.
peeing in the dark.
fending off midgies (giant fucking midgies!).
strip poker.
bumpy bus rides.
water gun fights at 3am.
the strangest alcohol cocktails known to man.
playing East 17 on the Ipod docks.
friendly Geordies.
nine inch nipples (don’t ask!).
trying to get drunk on mouthwash.
gimp masks (sounds so wrong, i know)
using the disabled toilets (they were spotless!).
lion hats.
laughing at the clearly furious neds who found out The Game had cancelled his appearance.
helping random inverness girls to spew properly.
putting Aiobfan AND Morgan on my shoulders (yes, one on each!) during “Sit Down” by James, fucking agony and how fucking ironic a song!
drink driving on the Dodgems.
winning 20p on the horses.
getting soaked with what was hopefully beer during Crystal Castles.
the most random campsite playlists you could imagine (straight from S club 7 to Sepultura).
broken chairs.
Andy running into fences….. the fence won by the way.
shaking Seasick Steve’s hand and having him compliment my broken sunglasses.
t-shirt tans (everybody had one on the Sunday!).
poncho’s that are clearly NOT waterproof (they provoked memories of Radiohead at Glasgow Green last summer).
actually taking my tent home this time.
squashing EVERYONE into the car on the way home, i’m still grieving over that cars suspension.

here’s some pictures of the weekend, some are mine and some i’ve stole from friends…..


S.I.T Wolf x

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