Dropkick The Faint

Another game to get your greasy little hands into….


Yet again this game is pretty self explanatory (just follow the instructions) and if you happen to be a fan of The Faint then you’ll enjoy the game and if you happen to hate The Faint then you’ll probably love this game.

Personally, i love The Faint but at the same time i also love dropkicking them off a stage and onto the pavement outside.

If they’re new to you have a listen and feel free to download….

MP3: The Faint – Dropkick the Punks

MP3: The Faint – Dropkick The Punks (Someone’s In The Wolf Re-work)

*just click on the MP3 once to open in new window then click again to download*

S.I.T Wolf x

dropkick the faint

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